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Cox Family History

Cox Genealogy & Family Tree

Cox is an English name from Herefordshire, England, where the family held a seat from ancient times. It referred to those who bore a resemblance to roosters—whether because they were early risers or because they strutted proudly. Alternately, it may come from the Welsh word coch meaning “red.” The earliest record of the name was the wedding of Alicea Cox in 1556 in London. Roots for this name also come from Ireland and France. It is the 69th most common surname in the United Kingdom and the 72nd most common in the United States. The family motto is Fide et fortitudine which means “With faith and fortitude.”

Other spellings include “Coxe,” “Cochs,” and “Cocks.” Notable people with the surname include American actress Courteney Cox (Friends, Cougar Town, Scream), American actress Nikki Cox (Las Vegas, Unhappily Ever After), British actor Charlie Cox (Stardust, Casanova, Downton Abbey), American actress Laverne Cox (Orange is the New Black), and Scottish actor Brian Cox (Troy, The Bourne Identity, X-Men 2, Red Eye). The first Cox to come to America was Lasse Cox in Pennsylvania in 1627.

Cox Birth Records
  • Name Birth Date Death Date Location
  • William Cox -- --, 1789 January 20, 1850
  • Nannie Martin Cox -- --, 1868 April 14, 1914 Virginia
  • J. T. Cox -- --, 1931 December 13, 1977 Georgia
  • Annie H. Cox -- --, 1879 January 3, 1883 North Carolina
  • Rebecca Caroline Cox -- --, 1867 November 21, 1898
Cox Death Records
  • Name Birth Date Death Date Location
  • Channing Elery Cox -- --, 1851 September 26, 1873 New York
  • Nathan Columbus Cox -- --, 1852 December 0, 1864 Texas
  • Allie Mae Cox -- --, 1888 March 9, 1955 Texas
  • John Adam Cox -- --, 1766 December 0, 1880 Pennsylvania
  • Alfred Cox -- --, 1824 December 0, 1861 Ohio
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