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Hamilton Family History

Hamilton Genealogy & Family Tree

Hamilton is a Scottish name from Renfrewhshire, Scotland, where it came from the Earl of Mellent, who migrated from Normandy in the 11th Century. It comes from the Old English words hamel (blunt) and dun (hill). It may also originate from the English village of Hamilton in Leicestershire, England. The family motto is Adest prudenti animus, which means “Courage belongs to the prudent.”

Other spellings include “Hamelton,” “Hameldon,” “Hamildon,” “Hamylton,” and “Hambleton.” Notable people with the surname include American NASCAR driver Bobby Hamilton, American jazz musician Chico Hamilton, and American actress Margaret Hamilton (best known as the Wicked Witch of the West in The Wizard of Oz). The first Hamilton to come to America was David Hamilton in Massachusetts in 1651.

Hamilton Birth Records
  • Name Birth Date Death Date Location
  • Joseph Edgar Hamilton -- --, 1844 September 11, 1912
  • Elizabeth Albertine Hamilton -- --, 1859 September 20, 1882 Ohio
  • Alexander G. Hamilton -- --, 1883   New South Wales
  • Miriam Hamilton -- --, 1780 August 21, 1818
  • Harriet Waldo Hamilton -- --, 1797 March 20, 1869
Hamilton Death Records
  • Name Birth Date Death Date Location
  • Mary Hamilton -- --, 1911 March 2, 2003
  • Josephine Hamilton -- --, 1907 December 17, 1996
  • James Rufus Hamilton -- --, 1853 March 22, 1925
  • Mary Hamilton -- --, 16 October 23, 6 Washington
  • Abner Hamilton -- --, 1762 July 0, 1837 Virginia
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