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Smith Family History

Smith Genealogy & Family Tree

Smith is a Scottish/English surname from northern England, where the earliest known ancestor--Ecceard Smith--was recorded in 975. It comes from an Old English word meaning "one who works in metal" and "to strike," and referred to someone with the occupation of a smithy, a sort of handyman who was skilled in many trades, and also more specifically to a blacksmith. It is the most common surname in the United States, the United Kingdom, and Australia; the second most common in Canada; and the fifth most common in Ireland. Roots for this name can also be found in England, Ireland, the Netherlands, and Germany. It is also particularly common amongst African Americans due to many emancipated slaves adopting the name. Similarly, many Native Americans took on the name to deal with colonists, and many German Americans changed their names from Schmidt or Schmitz, particularly during the world wars to avoid discrimination. Because of its popularity, the name is often used to create a non-descript secret identity—a.k.a. John Smith. The family motto for Smith is semper fidelis, meaning “always faithful.”

Other spellings include “Smyth,” “Smethe,” “Smette,” “Smithe,” “Smithy,” and “Smythe.” Notable people with the surname include British actress Maggie Smith (Downton Abbey, Harry Potter), American colonist John Smith (most known for being saved by Indian princess Pocahontas), English sailor Edward John Smith (captain of the Titanic), American religious leader Joseph Smith (founder of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints), and American model Anna Nicole Smith. The first Smith to come to America was Osmond Smith in Virginia in 1620.

Smith Birth Records
  • Name Birth Date Death Date Location
  • Ada P. Smith -- --, 1874 November 14, 1952 Louisiana
  • John Smith -- --, 1575 December 0, 1576
  • Ann Smith -- --, 1768 January 20, 1831 Pennsylvania
  • Lois Elizabeth Smith -- --, 1918 February 0, 1945 New Jersey
  • Helen R. Smith -- --, 1895   Indiana
Smith Death Records
  • Name Birth Date Death Date Location
  • Hamilton Smith -- --, 1817 December 0, 1864 Massachusetts
  • Fredrick Smith -- --, 1890 March 0, 1972
  • Mary Frances Smith -- --, 1907 February 9, 2003 Michigan
  • John Smith -- --, 1679   Massachusetts
  • George Milton Smith -- --, 1872 December 22, 1953 Missouri
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