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Wiggins Family History

Wiggins Genealogy & Family Tree

Wiggins is an English name from Cambridgeshire, England. It means "son of Wigand," a Breton given name that means "high and noble." The earliest known ancestor--William Wyegeyn--was recorded in 1275.

Other spellings include "Wiggins," "Wigan,"  "Wigans," "Wiegand," "Wigand," and "Wigens." Notable people with the surname include American basketball player Mitchell Wiggins (Chicago Bulls, Houston Rockets, Tampa Bay Stars), American baseball player Alan Wiggins (San Diego Padres, Baltimore Orioles), and American actress Laura Wiggins (Shameless, Starving in Suburbia, Girl, Positive). The first Wiggins to come to America was Thomas Wiggins in Virginia in 1661.

Wiggins Birth Records
  • Name Birth Date Death Date Location
  • Hannah Wiggins -- --, 1806 April 20, 1899 Virginia
  • Eliza Wiggins -- --, 1808 September 3, 1846 Vermont
  • Thomas M Wiggins -- --, 1811 November 29, 1884 Ohio
  • John Wiggins -- --, 1807   Tasmania
  • George Russell Wiggins -- --, 1915 October 12, 1988 Kentucky
Wiggins Death Records
  • Name Birth Date Death Date Location
  • Agnes Velda Wiggins -- --, 1920 February 20, 2001 Florida
  • Lillie Kathleen Wiggins -- --, 1922 July 26, 2001 South Carolina
  • Desree Voncile Wiggins -- --, 81915 September 0, 81989 Alabama
  • Ina Wiggins -- --, 1911 October 19, 1989 Washington
  • Earl P. Wiggins -- --, 1908 October 0, 1983 Indiana
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