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Deborah Watling Genealogy
(aka, Deborah Watling)Are You Related?

Deborah Watling

Best known for her role as companion to the second Doctor on BBCÕs long-running series Doctor Who, Deborah Watling was born January 2, 1948, in Fulmer, Buckinghamshire, England. Watling comes from an acting familyÑher father Jack, mother Patricia, sister Dilys, and brother Giles are also all actors. Early projects included The Invisible Man, Alice, ThatÕll Be the Day, and Danger UXB. She played the role of Victoria Waterfield on Doctor Who for a year, though unfortunately because the BBC used to wipe all of its programs, only two of her episodes still appear in their entirety. She appears regularly at Doctor Who conventions and has starred in Doctor Who audio dramas and special comedy events. She has been married twiceÑto Nick Field and Steve Turner.

Deborah Watling's last name, "Watling," is an English name coming from the personal name Walter, with roots that mean "rule" and "army." It has been found in Sussex from the 11th Century. Other spellings include "Whatling," "Watlington," "Watlingtone," and "Whatlington." The first Watling to come to America was Frances Watling in Virginia in 1660.

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