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Donald Bradman Genealogy
(aka, Donald George Bradman)Are You Related?

Donald Bradman

Often called the greatest batsman of all time, Sir Donald George Bradman was an Australian cricket player known as "The Don." Born August 27, 1908, in Cootamundra, New South Wales, Australia, his test batting average of 99.94 is considered to be the greatest achievement of any sportsman in any sport. Many of the records he set for the sport still stand today. During his 20-year career, Bradman was such a prolific batter that a specific mode of tactics known as "Bodyline" was developed to lower his scoring. After serving in World War II, Bradman returned to the game, captaining the Australian team "Invincibles" on an unbeaten, record-breaking tour of England. He became such a public figure that his image has appeared on stamps and coins and has a museum dedicated to his life. He married Jessie Martha Menzies in 1932 and has two children: John and Shirley. In 2001, he passed away.

Donald Bradman's last name, "Bradman," is an English name from the Norfolk village Bradenham and means "maker of rope or cords." Other spellings include "Bradnam," "Bradenham," "Bradinham," and "Bradnem." The first known Bradman to come to America was Jane Bradnam in Virginia in 1658.

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